Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our general trip information page, as well as the specific trip pages for other important details about our trips. As always, we enjoy hearing from our website visitors and welcome your e-mail questions or phone calls.

Who is Bike and the Like and why choose a trip with us?

Suzie and Roger Knable, have logged tens of thousands of miles by bike throughout the US, Canada and Europe. They have been hosting bicycle trips since 1989 and bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the trip.

Bike and the Like was born in 1994 as a result of their desire to share their love of travel "on two wheels" with others. They are "hands-on" trip hosts and pride themselves with being involved in all phases of the trip - from creating each route, hand picking the right motels and restaurants, answering e-mails and phone calls, to leading the day's route and overseeing the tour activities.

They have been a League of American Bicyclists advocacy group for over ten years and volunteer and raise money for cycling and environmental issues in the areas where they host tours. They are also members of the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association, which works to maintain high standards in the bicycle touring industry.

Did we mention that our trips are a terrific value? One of our aims in touring is to offer a reasonable trip price that includes great support, quality lodging, and most meals (and they're hearty!). We keep our overhead costs to a minimum and pass those savings on to you.

There are other ways to vacation. Why do a bike tour?

Bike touring allows you to experience travel on multiple levels not available to the auto traveler. Incorporating outdoor exercise into your day makes your senses come alive and makes every facet of your trip more enjoyable. On a bicycle, you are "human powering" your transportation - earning every wonderful view and dictating the pace of your experience so that you can "stop and smell the roses" whenever the inclination arises.

Combine this with a sense of adventure that being on a bike provides as well as the feeling of accomplishment you get at the end of each day, and it's no wonder that our guests keep coming back to us year after year.

Am I ready for a bicycle tour?

After 15 years of creating, participating in, and hosting bicycle events and tours, we know that most "active" people can enjoy a bicycle vacation with the proper training. If you are new to touring, we will be happy to develop a training program for you and suggest how to build up your mileage and give you techniques for better bicycling.

We'll even help you locate a local bike club so you can join area group rides and meet other cyclists who cycle at your pace. The better condition you are in when you begin training, the easier the program will be to accomplish.

And remember, it's necessary to consult your physician before embarking on any physical conditioning program.

What is the make-up of your groups and how fast do they ride?

Our cyclists hail from all over the US, Canada and even Europe! And, they are diverse in age, gender, occupation and cycling pace. Because of the diverse nature of our groups, we've found our average tour size of thirty to be an optimal number.

Our experience has shown us that this size is large enough to spark great social interaction and insure that cyclists find riding buddies of similar pace with whom they can share their daily routes, yet small enough to get to know everyone and receive personal attention if needed.

Our bike touring philosophy: "stop and smell the roses."

Bike and the Like promotes the "stop and smell the roses" philosophy of bike touring. We believe that to truly enjoy your cycling experience, you need to set a pace that's comfortable for you, have fun, and take time to sightsee and enjoy the experience!

What kind of bicycle should I ride?

We accommodate all bicycles on our tours. With the exception of the C&O Canal Tour which is best cycled with a slightly wider width tire on a touring or hybrid bicycle, we suggest a road or touring bike for all of our tours.

There are many factors to consider when chosing a bicycle - but the common denominator for comfort on a tour usually comes down to your level of fitness and the bicycle itself - its weight and how it fits you.

Do I bring my own bike and how do I get it to the ride start?

With the exception of the Bike and Barge trip that includes bike rental in the trip price, most of our cyclists like to bring their own bicycles on Bike and the Like tours. We are convinced that your most comfortable multi day ride is best enjoyed on a bicycle that has been fit to your body specifications and one on which you have been riding and your body has become used to.

Of course, we will be happy to make arrangements for a bicycle rental for you at an additional cost. We maintain our own small fleet of touring bikes and bring them to many trips for those that have made rental arrangements in advance.

If you are driving to the trip start, you will probably want to bring your bike on a bike rack. If you are flying to the trip start, you can either fly your bike in a bike carrier or box, or have it shipped UPS/Fed-Ex to an address specified in the trip's Welcome Letter that you're sent upon registration.

Either way, someone will be on hand to help reassemble the bike so you're ready to go. At the end of the tour, we can assist in packing and other logistic arrangements so that your bike makes it home as safe as possible.

What do I bring?

When you register for a trip, we will confirm with an e-mail that has attached to it your specific trip's Welcome Letter that contains many pre-trip details, including a detailed check list of suggested items to bring for you and your bicycle on the tour.

How do I find the nearest airport to my chosen tour and do you provide transportation from the airport to the trip start?

We list on every trip page the nearest airport to a particular trip start. When you register, we include in your Welcome Letter all possible shuttle services from the airport to the trip start, including our own. We are always happy to assist our cyclists with their travel plans and encourage them to e-mail us for advice.

What are the cycling routes like?

We work hard to find the best cycling-friendly routes possible. As a matter of fact, we've become known for our "nooks and crannies" routes, searching out the next little road with the view.

If we think that we can find some beautiful landscape off the beaten path, we may take a short detour along a trail or hard pack road. Of course, we "test-drive" all of our routes for comfort and suitability for riding with a road or touring bike.

Do we cycle in the rain?

Even though we plan our trips for the optimal weather conditions in the regions we cycle, Mother Nature is still "the boss"! Actually, cycling in light rain can be fun and heavier rain is a great excuse to take a break and sightsee until the sun comes back out!

Barring a thunderstorm or all-day downpour, and as long as road conditions are safe, we follow our scheduled routes. We understand that cycling in the rain does not appeal to everyone, and in that case we will either make arrangements to get you to the next destination (if necessary), or help you in making your own arrangements.

What type of overnight accommodations are provided?

We personally choose all accommodations on each trip, and try to include a link to several on each trip page to give you an idea of our choices. Our lodgings are typically double occupancy offering either 2 double beds or one Queen/Double bed. Single occupancy is always available at an additional cost.

Many times there is a pool on premise where cyclists can relax after a day's ride. A complete listing of lodgings and contact numbers is included in the trip Welcome Letter that you receive when you register.

What meals are provided? What is the food like?

Your trip price includes all breakfasts, usually consisting of eggs or pancakes, meat, potatoes and a beverage. On some occasions we enjoy a deluxe continental breakfast consisting of wholesome cereals, bagels, yogurt and fresh fruit.

We provide most dinners and eat as a group. These dinners are full course including appetizer, entrée, desert and non-alcoholic beverage, and are enjoyed either in local restaurants or catered on-site at our lodgings.

We try and accommodate all dietary preferences.

What is a typical day like?

When you check in at the start of any of our trips, you'll receive a packet that contains maps, cue sheets, and daily agendas.

Our day starts out with an early breakfast, usually between 7-8 a.m. Packed bags are loaded at the SAG (support and gear) van by 8:45 a.m. There is an organized ride start each morning at 9 a.m. which is preceeded by a short talk from Suzie and Roger.

As people ride along the route they start to bunch into groups of like pace, stopping at various sites and towns along the way to shop, sightsee, etc. The ride leader is always at the end of the group sweeping with the last cyclists. The SAG wagon usually rides back and forth along the route monitoring cyclists wellbeing and assisting them when necessary.

There are some occasions when there is no SAG on route, for example in Martha's Vineyard, when cyclists are free to create their own routes and there is bike-friendly transportation back to our lodging.

When dinners are provided, cyclists meet and walk to the restaurant. A meeting to discuss the next day's route usually follows dinner. When we are not enjoying dinner as a group, our meetings take place at a set time in our lodging.

Whenever possible, we provide information on non bicycling activities to be enjoyed at our daily stopovers.

On our Bike and Barge Trip, there are a few changes to the above. Our Barge is our traveling boat/hotel and awaits us at the next destination. Breakfast and dinner are enjoyed each day on-board our boat and a packed lunch made each morning is enjoyed at a group lunch stop. We do not have a support vehicle on route, thus, we cycle as a group with our ride leaders guiding us and monitoring our wellbeing.

What's included in my trip fee and how much spending money do I need to bring?

The trip fee and what's included are detailed at the top of each trip's webpage. As with any vacation, you should plan to bring along spending money for those expenditures not included in your trip price such as lunches and some dinners, ferry rides if not included in the trip price, entertainment, area activities, souvenirs, and housekeeping tips.

How and when should I reserve my spot?

Our website is updated each November with the upcoming year's tour schedule. At that time we also send out a trip update e-mail to everyone on our e-mail list. We find that many of our participants like to reserve their spots early as they know that our trips sell out quickly - often 4 months before the trip start.

With this in mind, we advise that you reserve your spot as early as possible with a trip reservation and deposit. The Registration Form along with payment and cancellation policy is found on our reservations page.