How we travel with our bike - no hassles!

January 10, 2009

Hi Friends! If you've peeked in Bike and the Like's Tour Photos link and browsed our pictures you may have noticed Roger and me (and lots of our cyclists now!) riding these cute bikes with little wheels.

These are Bike Fridays made by Green Grear Cycling company.

It has changed our life to be able to travel with a piece of luggage containing our bicycle — no extra baggage charge and so easy to transport in a Samsonsite luggage box with wheels.

Suzie cycling in Martha's Vineyard.

Enjoying a cycle in Martha's Vineyard.

Not to mention that you can set the bike up in 20 minutes or less and "off you go".

We've riden our "Pocket Rocket Pro" for 5 years now and take it everywhere — seashore to rolling forests.

You don't have to leave it packed — we cycle our Bike Fridays at home and are they comfy!

Anyway, the Bike Friday people have featured our Cape Cod Tour on their website with this picture of me pedaling down the road in Martha's Vineyard.

"Where is my group! Did they tell me the ice-cream break was over?"