Getting Some Air

July 29, 2010

Well — it's been a while since I've written on our web "news." I have no excuse like the summer heat has slowed me down. I'm more of a verbal person as most on our trips have come to learn about me — and anything I need to communicate I like to come from the mouth.

Biking California

Touring California

Speaking of summer heat — I hope it doesn't keep you from going outside to enjoy your activities. With heat waves like we've had this summer it's easy to find the excuse to stay indoors and surge-up the air conditioning. It's still very important to get "fresh air" and sun. It's best to look for areas to enjoy this that are near plants and trees and moving water.

Because we live and work in closed areas (most of us, that is!), we end up breathing in the same air over and over again. The oxygen content of the air will go down continually as you breathe out carbon dioxide and other wastes.

Breathing this stale air will not supply your body with enough oxygen to keep your cells fueled and functioning properly. Maybe that's why office workers get tired more quickly and run to the snack and coffee machine for a daily lift?

"Fresh air" is full of negative ions. It has a good amount of oxygen and is free of pollutants. It is refreshing and will give you a lift! And, even if you live and work in a populated area you can find areas with less traffic and congestion to take your walk or enjoy your lunch.

I invite you to read this quick article on the benefits of fresh air — and open the window and breath deep!