It's The Winter To Get High

February 23, 2010

On endorphins…I mean! I have enough problems with mood swings this winter — thank you very much!

So while we're talking "highs" — I already told you what makes mine. The great thing is they're free, great for your overall health, and you can produce them yourself.

I discovered endorphins while attending a fitness seminar in the early 80s when I was teaching aerobics. I was never one for "biochemistry" in school but was so fascinated learning about these neurotransmitters and how helpful their function was to our well-being that I gobbled up every book I could find on the subject.

Enjoying our California Coast Napa Valley tour

Yes, endorphins can get you "high." And, there are different ways to produce them. My favorite is to get up and move! I can just put on music and dance — and I'm happy as a lark.

It's a fallacy that you need to "go all out", "push it" or "go for the burn" in order to feel the effect of endorphins. Endorphins are naturally produced by a wide range of activities — singing, meditation, deep breathing, eating spicy food, acupuncture — just to mention a few.

Maybe you can guess my husband's favorite way of producing endorphins and it's not "on two wheels."

Speaking of those wheels — a bike tour is a great way to produce those endorphins. And look at the side benefits — it's environmentally friendly, fun way to travel somewhere new, and you get to meet new friends!