Thanksgiving Time

November 11, 2011

Boy, time certainly flies. I happened to look at our "News" section and noticed it's been a while since I wrote anything. Those that know me, know that I always have something to say, but it's a verbal thing - I love to talk to people, face-to-face. I guess that's why I like hosting tours - because I'm out there with people, talking and interacting with our guests and getting to know so many nice people who want to take a bike vacation.

So, now it's giving thanks time; as the major holiday approaches, what an appropriate opportunity for me and Roger to say thanks to all our guests for so many years. So many of you have stayed in contact with us and graced us with your company on multiple tours.

This year - 2012 - Roger and I decided to take some well deserved time and travel and spend time with family. So, we apologize for the small calendar and no new trips on the horizon, but we expect to come back in 2013 more charged and hopefully with some new ideas!