Sharing Your Summer

June 8, 2012

One of my greatest joys these days is spending time with my granddaughter, Taylor. Roger and I adopted a policy from the get-go that there would be no TV or "tech" games played in our house when Taylor was visiting.

Also we decided that we would spend as much time outside as possible and doing things that did not cost lots of money. It's amazing the types of activities you can come up with and how easily kids are thrilled by simply a trip to the playground.

So, we are spending the summer taking walks to collect sticks in the neighborhood, cycling to the park to pick wild berries, tending to "Neenie's" (that's my grandma name!) garden, and other things I never thought would be in my agenda at this point in my life.

I hope you all enjoy your summer! And, if you are lucky enough to have a child around to spend time with — your summer will be oh-so fulfilling. Best to you!