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Trip Support

Suzie and Roger Knable, pride themselves in offering a personally hosted and service oriented tour. Suzie and Roger are your tour hosts and ride leaders on every domestic trip and most Europe tours.

Our SAG (Support And Gear) service is designed to transport luggage to the next destination and follow cyclists as they ride the day's route to monitor their well being and aid them in time of need (bike or personal). On most tours our van carries water and snacks, and where we feel there are insufficient resources for additional food, our SAG van will provide additional rest-stops and in some cases a planned lunch stop.

Group ride leaders, who along with the SAG are only a cell-phone call away, accompany the daily tour route - and are there for on-road support and to provide minor bike maintenance. If a major problem should occur, we will transport you to a bike shop so that your bike can get immediate attention.

There is no support van on our Bike and Barge trip as the boat/hotel follows us to our next destination. On the Bike and Barge trip, we enjoy a leisurely sightseeing pace on mostly level terrain. Participants should be prepared to bike the daily routes and there are ride leaders on route to guide the group and help with bicycle maintenance.

Your Trip Fee

What your trip fee includes is specifically listed at the beginning of each trip's webpage. There is no fine-print in what we offer our cyclists, and as cycling advocates we try to offer a "deluxe tour" at a reasonable price.

As with all trips, you should be prepared for incidental costs such as but not limited to, transportation to and from the trip start, bike transport, meals (usually lunch and a dinner or two) not included in the trip fee, entertainment, etc.

Please visit the links on each webpage - we've included these so that you can visit the web sites associated with a particular trip and learn more about the areas we visit, see some of the tour accommodations, etc.

Bike and the Like reserves the right to make changes, deletions and modifications in lodging, food, and itinerary items as it deems necessary to fit the cost of the trip and/or improve the comfort and safety of the participants. Bike and the Like is also not responsible for expenses not specified as included in the trip fee.

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Accommodations / Lodging

We painstakingly select all lodgings to provide the best comfort, quality, location, and bike friendliness for our cyclists. So you can see for yourself, we provide several samples and links to our lodgings on each webpage.

Our trips are priced for double occupancy in privately owned local motels and inns or pensions with in-room private bath.

There are a few exceptions which occur either due to the historic nature of our lodging or the rustic nature of a particular location. For example, on the GAP-C & O Canal Tour we spend a few nights in lovely shared-bath Inns such as the Town Hill Bed and Breakfast- a 100 year old establishment with beautifully appointed rooms, some sharing a bath. We receive wonderful feedback from our guests on these properties and for that reason continue to offer them as lodging.

…as usual the food and accommodations were up to your high standards…

~ Walt and Gerry Fant

Single occupancy is available at an additional charge which depends on the chosen trip. If you are registering without a roommate and desiring double occupancy, we will try our best to pair you with someone.

If a roommate does not become available by the time we submit our rooming list (2 months prior to the trip start date), we will notify you - at which time you may choose to either withdraw from the trip and receive a full refund, or pay a supplement to room as a single.

On our Bike and Barge trip, the barge is our hotel. Please see the trip's web page for description of the barge's accommodations.


We understand the importance of good foods and the energy they supply for a healthy day of cycling. Also, mealtimes are a wonderful opportunity for our cyclists to socialize. Therefore, we include in the trip price a wholesome breakfast everyday and most dinners.

Our breakfasts are usually full meals (for example, eggs, toast, potatoes) with an occasional deluxe continental offering (yogurt, high quality cereals and oatmeal, fresh fruit, bagels, etc).

Our dinners are full hearty meals and enjoyed in popular area restaurants or catered on premise at our lodgings. We ALWAYS try our best to accommodate dietary preferences.

Please see the trip webpage for those meals included with your trip fee.

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Bringing your Bike

Freight handling companies have made it easy to ship a bike. If you don't have a hard case, it's simple and usually free to acquire a cardboard box from your local bike shop. You can choose to pack your bike or have a shop do that (and ship the bike) for you at a nominal fee. Our hotels will receive and store shipped bikes.

People flying to the trip start may want to take their bicycle as luggage. Each airline has its own guidelines and fees for bike handling.

The League of American Bicyclists has great information on transporting a bicycle.

Details on how to pack a bike, step-by-step instructions on shipping with a freight company like Fed Ex from price quote to pick-up , and how to fly with your bike as luggage is included in your trip Welcome Letter sent upon registration.

Roger and Suzie swear by their Bike Friday- a folding bike that packs easily in a standard airline suitcase. Bike Fridays are reasonably priced, custom fitted to your body specs, and ride like a charm! Please visit the BIKE FRIDAY WEBSITE and read all about this wonderful travel bike and contact their very friendly company staff for information.

Bike Equipment & Safety

We require that your bike be in excellent working condition and suggest that each bike undergo a tune-up before any trip. Most of our trips are cycled on road/paved surfaces and best enjoyed using a road or touring bicycle with triple chainring. Because of the rustic nature of the towpath, the C&O Canal Tour dictates the use of a hybrid bike with at least 28mm wide tires. Our Bike and Barge Holland tour includes the use of a hybrid bicycle with either 7 speed single chainring or 21 speed-triple chainring.

I enjoyed each day's ride, the places we stayed, and sights.

~ Phyllis McCarthy

Our trips advocate the buddy system whereby cyclists accompany at least one other person on the road and can lend a helping hand should the need occur.

Even so, we know the value of a little bike maintenance knowledge and encourage each cyclist to carry basic tools and be familiar with changing a bike tire.

Our prime concern (along with your enjoyment of the trip) is your safety. Therefore, with your trip "Welcome Letter" we will include our "Bike and the Like-Bicycle Safety" that outlines rules of the road and includes helpful bike tips along with various informative web sites on cycling and touring.

Bicycle Rental

We are true believers that you experience the most comfortable multi-day ride on a bicycle that is familiar to your body. Therefore, we try to encourage our cyclists to use their own bike and are more than happy to advise/aid you on how to get it to the ride start.

For whatever reason, if you prefer to rent a bicycle we are glad to help make arrangements for you - the price varies according to your trip choice.

Our Bike and Barge trips include the cost of a rental bike in your trip fee.

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Specific Trip Information

When we receive your registration and deposit, we will confirm with an e-mail containing a Welcome Letter attachment. That letter will contain lots of pre-trip information including- how and when to get to the ride start, trip area information, lodging and contact information, tips on finding airfare values, bicycle rental and suggestions on transporting your bicycle to the trip start, packing suggestions and necessary items, how to get ready physically for the trip, cycling web sites for touring information, etc.

Please also visit our FAQ page with great answers to questions from our web site visitors.

We always welcome your e-mails and calls if you have any questions or concerns not addressed in our web site or Welcome Letter.


How to get to the trip destination, whether you come by car or plane, along with information on shuttle service and bike pickup and shipment is included in the trip Welcome Letter you receive upon registering for the trip. If you are flying to the trip start - we leave it up to our participants to make their own arrangements for airfare. If you are planning on shipping your bike to the tour start, we provide a ship to-from location where your bike will be received and your bike box stored. Roger is available to help assemble and repack bicycles and help with re-shipping.

Please contact us, as we always have good ideas and lots of information to help you make your travel plans.

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Please contact Suzie and Roger to find out whether there is a space open for your chosen tour. They respond usually within the day you e-mail. If space should be available, we will direct you to our reservations page where you'll find a link to our Registration/Waiver Form as well as an outline of our cancellation policies. Bike and the Like is glad to hold your space for 7 days pending the arrival of the Registration form and deposit. We always maintain a wait list as cancellations do occur.